The mind behind many of Azured’s unique value propositions and trademarked solutions, Ray’s focus has been and continues to be keeping a watchful eye on emerging new technologies. In fact, Ray is so closely integrated with the evolving landscape that is Cloud, the team often fondly refer to him as “Ray-I” which, Ray welcomes, describing the most exciting thing about IT being that it always changes.

Ray’s Cloud adeptness is reflected in his all-encompassing range of specialisations, covering the Microsoft stack of systems, Networking technologies (from switches and firewalls to VOIP and scripting) and automation of processes. Whilst Ray’s talent could be described as simply as ‘fixing problems with technology’, when combined with the breadth & depth of his knowledge and natural knack for all things tech, it is no surprise he is frequently in high demand.

Since founding Azured, Ray has influenced a key component of our business ethos – Engineers have a say in what’s being delivered and we do not put forward solutions that do not make sense for the customer. An approach that has also encouraged our team to be engaging, friendly and customer focused.

When Ray is not busy with deployments, you’ll find him on the ballroom dance floor helping his students identify their left and right feet or taking a cruise on his motorbike.