Martin is described by industry peers as a savant when it comes to Cloud computing. A title in acknowledgement of his extensive involvement with the UK’s roll out of Office 365, Martin has also worked with Microsoft Azure since inception. The sheer breadth of his knowledge, along with hands on experience makes him a truly unique founder.

Martin has always believed in putting people first and nurturing natural talents and interests. This value has influenced the team culture at Azured and created a network of support and respect. A passionate mental health advocate, Martin has ensured that all Azured staff have the support and resources they need to succeed both professionally and personally.

When not solving complex challenges, Martin can be found meditating, practising yoga or enjoying a cup of honey tea.

Martin’s professional accolades are numerous and include delivering solutions for, or on behalf of Microsoft Consulting Services, Atos, Crimson, Dot Net Solutions, Vodafone, Rio Tinto and more.