Since childhood, Dan has had a fascination with how computers worked and how to program them. This fascination led to a career spanning various desktop, server and website hosting support roles to finally arrive at database administration. However, realising the potential of PaaS and server-less technologies, Dan sought to focus his expertise in a more direct capacity, helping customers make technology work for them, and not vice-versa.
Dan joined the Azured Team in June 2019. Originally recruited for his unsurpassed experience in Data Analytics and Application Development, it wasn’t long before Dan’s calm demeanour, pragmatic approach to problem solving and inclusive nature became recognised within the growing team. With all the makings of a modern-day leader, today his role has extended to enabling Azured’s engineers focus on, and be successful in, delivering value to customers.
Unlike other members of the team, Dan is not a fan of technology for technology’s sake but rather when the enhancement of our personal or professional lives are realised as a result. For this reason, Dan has also instinctually evolved Azured’s own internal process development; identifying and acting on opportunities for the team, systems and processes to improve.
Whilst balancing the demands of a growing delivery team, Dan’s ideal customer engagements include business process automation and Power BI. When he’s not being fought over to lead a team to victory on trivia night, you’ll find Dan tucked away enjoying a cinematic classic.