Anthony has dedicated his entire professional career to IT. Prior to founding Azured, Anthony’s
experience supporting 1,000 seat organisations working with multi-million-dollar budgets,
shaped and influenced his sharp business acumen. However, it was the brief time spent
developing a social enterprise café that sparked Anthony’s vision for a new and different type of
corporate IT culture.
Anthony believes it is the people, their curiosity, approachability and attitude, that has led the
evolution of Azured to the company it is today.
Under his leadership, the Azured team are always on the hunt for a problem to solve. The team
work together to make plans possible, simplifying challenging processes and ensuring constant
incremental improvement for customers. All whilst being able to have a laugh and even a round
of Brazilian jiu-jitsu together.
Anthony holds over 20 industry certifications across Microsoft, Citrix & NetApp. When not
offering inspirational advice to staff or assisting with mergers and acquisitions, you can find him
sipping calmly, whatever the weather, on a cup of cold brew.