Proudly Partner-Only

The new era of cloud demands a new breed of partner for businesses

We work with like-minded organisations, aligning goals, prioritising relationships and executing intelligently.


We align ourselves with world-class technology providers to deliver market-leading solutions to all our partners. These allies play an active role in the sales and marketing of our products, often planning and executing initiatives to build our partners’ success.

Partnering with Azured

Leading the way in Microsoft Cloud

When you partner with Azured, you can be confident of our commitment to the success of both your organisation and its customers.  If you’re looking to expand your market offering or simply ensure you can provide a reliable cloud-enabled offering, we are here to help. 

The Perfect Azured Partnership

We choose to partner with organisations who:

  • Have a clear vision of how our offering complement their own
  • Have customers that have a need for our products and services
  • Are comfortable working openly and honestly with our team
  • Are looking for a long term, mutually beneficial partnership
  • Are clear about what you need from us and for how long


Trusted Microsoft Partner Since 2015

Azured is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, recognised as a top 3 Microsoft Azure Partner in the Australian SME market.

Cloud Platform

Gold competency level

Data Analytics

Gold competency level

Application Development

Gold competency level

Cloud Productivity

Gold competency level


Silver competency level

Small & Mid-Market Cloud Solutions

Silver competency level

Our Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) solution was also built in partnership with Microsoft as a direct response to Telco giant Telstra’s needs. As a result, FWaaS helped Microsoft drive Azure consumption and Azured into becoming a well-regarded and trusted partner within Microsoft Australia.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

With security at the core of all we do, Azured holds one of the highest certification levels as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with Palo Alto Networks.

We believe theirs is the best firewall in the market and so it made sense for us to build our FWaaS and NWaaS solutions around their technology. Palo’s next-generation intelligent firewalls are the most successful in reducing risk and preventing attacks – and should be at the heart of any organisation’s network security.

Market-leading WAN edge infrastructure

As far as WAN edge infrastructure goes, there is no better choice than VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud. Their market-leading technology is the very best… just ask Gartner.

It’s the unique intelligence of VeloCloud’s SD-WAN technologies combined with the assurance of VMware’s partnership with Microsoft that made their solution an easy choice for our NWaaS solution.

Our Partners


Telstra approached the Azured team in 2015 with a problem. It was a tough problem. No one else could solve it. We did. Since that day we have become Telstra’s partner in residence, working closely with them to drive innovation and help their customers get the most out of the Cloud.

“Azured are a partner that takes the initiative and gets results. They understand Telstra and what’s important to us, making them an easy partner to support and a trusted partner to work alongside.” – Joanna


A fellow Telstra Partner, we have been working alongside NextLink since 2018. Successfully securing customer environments with the latest in cloud security products, we also collaborate to support the natural evolution of customers into Azure and Microsoft 365.

“It can be easy to become irrelevant in a conversation with a customer once a Partner is introduced. With Azured, this is never an issue. They’re upfront, capable and offer great Cloud solutions for our customers. They’re just easy to do business with.” – Les

Advanced Communications

A local regional communications Partner, our partnership with Advanced Communications sees our team involved in all and any Azure-related customer engagements. Working together since 2019, we have successfully worked across a variety of customers, often delivering multiple recurring engagements.

“Working with Azured is one of the easiest experiences working with a Partner. They take the time to listen to the customer so they don’t oversell. They’re involved when required and happy to step back when not.” – Matt Lawes

Become a Partner

If you think Azured could be a good fit for your business, please contact us via the details below to explore how we can work together.