Simon Henman

Senior Azure Consultant

Simon is a Senior Consultant specialising in Azure. With a solid background in IaaS, PaaS, and Software Defined Networking Technologies, he is passionate about designing and deploying the perfect solution for his clients. With a keen interest in all things technology, Simon’s skillset enables him to instinctively reimagine client systems into ideal architecture within Azure.

Simon brings with him a wealth of experience from working at client sites in roles as diverse as support up to IT Management. Leaning on this experience when sculpting offerings for his clients, Simon ensures simplicity and long term reliability – making him a knowledgeable and trusted advisor to his clients. It is Simon’s awareness of commercial and technological realities combined with his hands-on approach that Simon has earned a reputation for being able to both talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk.

 Whenever Simon needs a break from things with blinky lights, you’ll find him working a spanner underneath anything with a motor or cutting laps around one of Victoria’s racetracks.

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