The promise of Cloud, for networks.

NWaaS is a software defined blend of Cloud, network and security technologies, standing apart with its very best of breed makings.

Combining market leading firewall and SD-WAN technologies, NWaaS is designed for organisations wanting to get the most out of a hybrid cloud environment.

What is Network as a Service?

NWaaS frees organisations from once impossible challenges…

Affordable Network without compromise

As an existing Network customer, you are always looking to reduce costs or enhance performance but are not in a position to do so lest you compromise on the availability of business applications or dig deep into your pockets.

A previously impossible scenario, Cloud’s promise for delivering market leading cost-efficiency with best in class performance makes this common business case redundant. Bringing together best of breed enterprise technologies, NWaaS intelligently delivers the very best of all worlds at an SMB price point.

On-prem reliability with Cloud efficiency

Gone are the days where services are solely provisioned within the confines of your organisation. As it’s likely you’re already benefiting from the utilisation of cloud delivered services, NWaaS is a perfect complement to enhance the reliability of core business services which used to safely reside within the boundaries of your network but are now delivered to you over the Internet (such as Telephony and Video Conferencing).

Cloud-enabled infrastructure

As your organisation increases its Cloud adoption, your existing hub and spoke Network architecture may no longer make much sense for your organisation.

If cloud-enabling your Network is the next check-point on your cloud journey, you will appreciate the ease and speed at which NWaaS can be deployed to both optimise the speed, and neatly smooth over your transition, to cloud delivered services.

Update platforms as-you-go

Adopting new platforms can often force businesses into making bold and drastic changes beyond what’s comfortably manageable. These revolutionary leaps can increase business risk as staff are often forced to quickly adapt to a new platform. Additionally, most businesses incur an increase in financial outlay with long-term supplier or technology lock-ins.

NWaaS enables your business to continue on your Cloud adoption journey at your own pace. Supported by Azure,  NWaaS offers tried and tested bolt-on pathways for further technology adoption with DR, backup, PaaS and security enhancements at your fingertips when (and only when) you need them. Allowing you to evolve at your own pace.

Enterprise grade Security at SMB prices

Confidently protect your environment with our security experts. Boasting capability across a multitude of competencies, our team of security specialists are proudly certified in Microsoft, Palo Alto and VMware technologies, ensuring that you get the best support available to maintain the integrity of your most valuable assets.

In addition, NWaaS delivers world leading protection thanks to our partnership with Palo Alto Networks and VMware. Enabling North-South, East-West and Zero Trust security models focused on integrating technologies, you have peace of mind to deliver anywhere, anytime access to your resources.

Affordable Expert management

Cloud has a growing reputation for improving business efficiencies through the integrated and seamless delivery of technology solutions. The rise of as a Service (aaS) has enabled businesses worldwide to make the experts responsible for the health of business applications and now, with Azured, extends to your Network with NWaaS.

A fully managed solution, you can rest Azured your network is in good hands.

Relationship management outsourcing

At Azured, we pride ourselves on doing what we can to make our customer’s lives a little easier.

As a complete managed service solution coupled with our years of experience working alongside Australia’s largest Telcos, our team of professionals will gladly manage these relationships on your behalf; minimising the noise of managing a network and maximising performance of the service to enable you to get on with doing what your business does best.

Control over your own environment

Often leveraging third party tools and technology necessarily means being beholden to a provider for the good and the bad. This can be great when you’re aligned with a market leader pushing the boundaries of possibility but can just as easily inhibit your growth if you’re forced to conform with anothers preferred pace and direction.

NWaaS frees organisations from provider requisitions, putting you back in control of your own Network with the freedom to choose carriage types & providers, contract terms and technology. NWaaS commoditises the network and security environment- enabling you to dictate the terms by which you grow and evolve.

NWaaS means business

Peace of mind with best of Breed

It’s not every day a solution boasts world-class technologies across its ALL its key functions. NWaaS proudly incorporates a posse of market leading solutions; Palo Alto Networks firewall security, Microsoft Azure and VMWare’s SD-WAN by VeloCloud.

Anytime, Anywhere and Always on

When only the highest service availability will do, NWaaS reliably connects you and your customers to your most critical applications time and time again.

Measure what matters

See the actual health of your service along with key metrics to improve the ongoing security and performance of your network.

Future proof and Cloud ready

Confidently plan and strategise your businesses growth and development well into the future knowing NWaaS can grow with you. NWaaS specialises in enabling a hybrid cloud future, offering seamless bolt-on capability as far as Cloud can take you. Easily, securely and safely.

Carriage without compromise

NWaaS is carriage agnostic. Evolve at your own pace, on your own terms by choosing the provider that’s best for your business.

Pay as you grow

The future is uncertain and another promise of Cloud realised is NWaaS’ PAYG structure. Only pay for what you use today, not for what you might need three years from now.


Getting you back to business

A fully managed solution, NWaaS saves your team from managing multiple supplier relationships. We manage any escalations to third party providers to let you get on with running your business, not chasing Telco’s.

Write once, deploy everywhere, rest azured

SaaS in nature, the speed and efficiency to which NWaaS can be deployed makes it a highly cost effective and time efficient solution to implement. In the vein of infrastructure as code, NWaaS enables you to model your ideal configuration then deploy everywhere within seconds.

Application performance guarantee

NWaaS guarantees high application performance. Ensure your staff and customers enjoy a consistent experience by avoiding service lags, slow or unreliable applications and expensive and problematic service disruptions. 

Global connectivity at local speeds

Based in Azure, NWaaS leverages a public network last mile to expedite connectivity to sites abroad – delivering private network speeds at public network prices.

The safest and best path to Hybrid Cloud

NWaaS offers an effective cloud on-ramp to better align cloud adoption with your network. By securely establishing your fundamental integrations with cloud and providing pathways to common sense cloud adoption, NWaaS enables your business to continue on its cloud journey at your preferred pace.

The NWaaS difference

Best of all Worlds

It is rare that a solution does everything well and without a degree of compromise in one aspect or another. However, with Network as a Service you get the best of everything – with no compromises.

Marketing leading security through Palo Alto Networks, Gartner recognised SD-WAN technology thanks to VMWare & VeloCloud and your choice of carriage provider to best suit your needs.

Global Transit

Unique to NWaaS, global organisations can appreciate replicating the high speed of their domestic Network abroad.

Residing in Azure, NWaaS takes advantage of Azure’s global network to deliver private network-like speeds, with public networks prices, through usage of a public last mile to sites, both domestic and local.

Power BI Reporting

Visibility into your network like never before, Azured’s Managed Services offers your team actionable insights to maintain and improve the integrity of your network’s health and performance.

Based upon threat and network performance data, easily identify vulnerabilities and areas for optimisation within your environment through My.Azured dashboard reporting.


Pay as you Grow

Delivering the promise of cloud for Networks, NWaaS is an Opex supported cost model.

Use our tried and tested means of adopting cloud services as it makes sense to you.

Don’t pay for tomorrow, today: grow your businesses capability cost efficiently; paying only for what you use, when you use it.

Experts on Demand

At Azured, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team; working to support and enable you and yours without replacing your existing IT support services.

True experts in our field, we love a challenge. With the breadth of industry experience and expert reputation of our founders alone, you can rest Azured.

Your Cloud, Your Way

NWaaS has been created to put control back into your hands.

Gain control over your environment whilst bridging the gap to hybrid cloud at your pace and on your terms. Scale up links and bolt-on technologies as you need to – all the while reducing your attack surface area.

Azured makes the journey to a secure cloud future, easy.

“We used Azured to completely change our IT infrastructure and couldn’t be more thrilled with the work they have performed.

“I have never before been happy with any IT provider. Confusion and things not working as we planned, as well as general lack of caring are rife within IT and Telco companies. So to say I am happy with Azured is the understatement of the century.

“Everything worked – not only as planned, but on time and it was so easy to deal with them it is unbelievable. Not only did they deliver what we asked in terms of functionality but suggested ways of doing it and then acted on it.”

Greg Horner

Managing Director, Leap Australia

The makings of Networks as a Service

The best of all worlds…

Microsoft Azure

Azure makes it possible for Networks to evolve and manifest the promise of cloud.

A Cloud of the future, Microsoft’s annual investment of $1 billion into cybersecurity is a key contributor to the recent existence of secure and affordable network solutions.

The incorporation of Cloud to Networks means businesses benefit from the ease of scalability, cost efficiency and control over their own growth.

A unique feature of NWaaS made possible by Azure is Global Transit; connecting international sites at a speed comparable to a private network. This has revolutionised the way in which global organisations connect to keep all sites optimised and secure under the one NWaaS roof.


Software-defined networking in a Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) works to simplify and enhance network connectivity and performance.

NWaaS leaves enterprise tools in enterprise datacentres and keeps the edge configuration simple. This means less devices are required, which results in a solution that is more secure and easier to manage.

Through link aggregation, packet steering, constant Layer 7 performance monitoring, traffic shaping, centralised management, automatic failover within seconds, Public Cloud acceleration and option to upgrade devices mid-contract, it comes as no surprise that SD-WAN is fast becoming recognised as the solution of choice for business networks.


The first and only of its kind globally, Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) offers a centralised next-gen managed internet gateway in Azure.

Hosting Palo Alto Network’s marketing leading firewall technology, FWaaS enables fast and secure remote access, packet inspection, zero day vulnerability, threat prevention & protection and centralised protection of critical services with local offload for trusted sites.

Many FWaaS businesses also appreciate the seamless enablement of additional security features such as SSL decryption, Global Protect MFA and Global Protect PreLogon.


A key feature of NWaaS by Azured allows you to be the master of your own carriage provider.

Proudly carriage agnostic, NWaaS empowers businesses with the freedom to choose the provider best suited to the task.

However, if required, the team at Azured would be delighted to assist with providing ideal carriage configuration recommendations specific to your businesses needs.

Carbon Black

(Coming soon)

Azured Managed Services

Not just another managed service, unique to Azured is our Power BI integration. An online dashboard offering visibility in to the health of your service and key metric reporting, businesses are equipped to make better decisions. With clear and actionable insights providing direction on when and how to evolve efficiencies, the My.Azured dashboard makes improving your security and network performance, easy.

Our team will also manage the relationship with your chosen third party telecommunications provider; escalating and resolving issues if and when required so you can stay focused on.. literally anything else!

Our goal is to be an extension of your team. As such, included with our managed services are Moves Adds and Changes (MACs) delivered by our expert team of security and network engineers. By working together with your IT team, we prioritise maintaining the integrity and security of your environment.

However, the best part is that when it comes to our solutions, we are responsible for the outcome. Therefore, you can rest Azured you’re in good hands.

Just ask our customers…

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help over the last couple of days when Neil and I have been sending questions through about the VPN.

“I’m sure you are under the pump like us!  The majority of our staff are working from home with a really reliable solution. Thanks for making us look good.”

Luke Hawker

IT/ GIS Officer, Surf Coast Shire

Why We Choose to Work With VMWare

At Azured, we strive to work with the best and VeloCloud’s SD-WAN solution attracting technology giant VMWare, only validated the solution’s position as truly market leading.

As far as WAN edge infrastructure goes, there is no better choice than VMWare’s SD-WAN by VeloCloud. Just ask Gartner…

It’s the unique intelligence of the VeloCloud Orchestrator combined with the assurance derived from VMWare’s reputation which made their SD-WAN solution an easy choice for NWaaS.

Why We Choose to Work With Palo Alto Networks

When only the best will do, we chose to create FWaaS using Palo Alto’s next- generation Firewall.

Palo Alto Networks® next-generation firewalls detect known and unknown threats, including encrypted traffic, using intelligence generated across many thousands of customer deployments. That means they reduce risks and prevent a broad range of attacks.

Quickly create security rules that mirror business policy, are easy to maintain and adapt to your dynamic environment. Reduce response times with automated policy-based actions and automate workflows via integration with administrative tools such as ticketing services or any system with a RESTful API.