Managed Services

Build-up, build on and tailor services with our team of specialists.

Our Managed Services operate alongside businesses to proactively optimise, maintain and grow the health of a cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

We want to help solve problems and ensure that businesses have the right level of support at the right time, namely when:

  • Something goes wrong
  • Trying to implement new products
  • The business isn’t sure on something technical
  • An idea needs to be bounced off an expert
  • Core service availability needs to be certain
  • Help is needed during a busy period

Redefining Managed Services for Cloud

Our specialist support model is value-based, optimising control and performance across all
technologies which fall under our expertise:

Specialist Integration

With managed service packages designed to not only fix, but prevent, our cloud experts support stable and efficient growth in cloud.

L3 Escalation Services

Level 3 support is about reactive service monitoring and resource augmentation. Offering the right level of support for when you need it most, our experts are there when you need and gone when you don’t.

L4 Support Services

We actively work to minimise the likelihood of an escalation event, minimise risk and build efficiency. Lean on our team for technology guidance, tailored assessments or simply performing small works.

“This dedication and commitment to customer service, knowledge and attitude towards getting the job done can be hard to come by and is something that keeps customers like us coming back” – Indigo Shire

Monthly Review

To deliver the support an environment needs, it’s critical to keep the lines of communication flowing. A monthly review helps us forge a deep understanding of the problems faced by your business as well as your ideas and upcoming projects to find the best way forward.

“Seriously, your guys are awesome and our product has never been so stable and easy to maintain. A real credit to how professional and knowledgeable they are. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for their efforts and look forward to future projects with them on a global scale!” – Inner Range

Azured Managed Service Blocks

We offer 3 tiers of Managed Services with a variety of support coverage and monitoring options, guaranteed response times and expert support for key application services.

This unique structure enables businesses to build an ideal support model, maximising value by delivering only the services an organisation needs.

A range of add-ons are also available including: bolt-on support packs, additional monitoring, common cloud maintenance, optimisation activities, security management and popular assessments.

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