M365 Migrations & Adoption

Take workplace agility a step further and benefit from a new era of collaboration with greater visibility, control and security.

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Why Microsoft 365 (M365)?

M365 offers a wholistic approach to your Microsoft subscription to empower your business to operate with greater efficiency and ease.

The unification of the most commonplace solutions used by Microsoft businesses, work together to deliver greater value, smarter management and enhanced security.

Prior to the introduction of M365, businesses often found themselves requiring additional optional components that would later become M365 due to the need for:

  • Device Management (Intune & Autopilot),
  • Windows Security & Licencing (Windows Enterprise / Business)
  • Document Rights Management (Information Protection), and
  • AD Premium (MFA & Conditional Access)

With the average organisation already utlilising a number of these solutions, an M365 subscription becomes a compelling and natural evolution. Capturing a superior price point for features that would commonly be purchased in isolation, M365 interrelates these offerings to deliver superior functionality and security combined with the centralised management IT has come to expect from Office 365.

The M365 security difference

With Office 365 fast becoming the primary means of enabling collaboration and creation within and between organisations, M365 extends an organisation’s control and security beyond resources in the Cloud and through to the individual devices and users that access these core services.

However, the greater IT enables users with anywhere, anytime access to core business services, the greater the risk exposure as users become susceptible to attacks or breaches on untrusted devices and networks.

M365 enables organisations to balance the need for access vs the need for security; enabling people but not at the expense of exposing core assets.

This is achieved through the introduction of mobile device management and enhanced defence against ransomware, malware, spam and viruses. Combined with an intuitive and centralised dashboard where administrators can see at a glance the health and security of the organisation, M365 represents the next step for enhanced protection and management.

Our approach

The mark of a successful implementation is not just a best-practice and business aligned deployment but one that is in use and understood by its user base.

At Azured, we begin each migration by plotting a clear course through the Microsoft M365 ecosystem by aligning your immediate and long-term needs with the ideal product licence. However, not all customers are ready to receive the full benefit of M365 due to commitments with incumbent products or their hardware lifecycle. With this in mind, we prioritise immediate needs first by relying upon Microsoft’s flexible licensing structure; enabling month-by-month scale-up and down of products in response to changes within your environment.

We achieve this through our concise road mapping process; aligning business need with technical outcome, plotting a logical 1, 3 or 5-year plan for a common-sense adoption of services.

A programme of works is developed during this roadmap that plots the optimal course of M365 adoption based upon your unique environment and conditions. Our team then uses this programme of works to deliver an agile approach to service implementation; aligning functionality with core business requirements to deliver your most valuable services first.

Our experts then work closely with you to align Microsoft licensing with desired outcome; maximising your investment in a decidedly complex (and often confusing) licensing landscape and driving down cost. We achieve this by identifying products to decommission (due to overlapping or un-needed functionality) and through our in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Cloud subscription and licencing models.

We continue to work with you and your team to craft a specific adoption plan for the technology within your organisation. An imperative measure to ensure accurate and optimal utilisation, this will often involve targeting a single key use case to demonstrate new capability alongside a larger deployment of core functionality.

M365 + L3 Escalation Services by Azured

For a cost-effective deployment of services, whilst driving ever-increasing levels of efficiency and security.

M365 is a continually evolving landscape and we ensure our customers evolve alongside it.

With tailored support options to provide enhanced management and security for users and services, L3 Escalation Services by Azured aligns the deployment of M365’s features and functionality in lockstep with a business’ needs and Microsoft’s release of functionality.

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