Insurance against your very worst day.

Disaster Recovery is about two simple words; Business Continuity. The primary goal of which is to “keep the metaphorical doors of your business open” when the world has different ideas.

What is Disaster Recovery?

One of the biggest challenges within organisations is thinking a DR event won’t happen to them. Or should it occur, the disruption to likely constitute a seismic event impacting whole industries or the world and resulting in far greater things to be concerned with.

However in reality, businesses are crippled by things much more mundane and innocuous. As a result, a DR event is frequently underestimated and businesses are often underprepared. Cyber-attacks, lock outs, rogue administrators and viruses can all be causes for an unplanned failover into a secondary site. This reality is only made more troubling as events become increasingly advanced and more common.

After a DR event affects your business, it becomes largely mathematical; how much did we lose and are we still capable of operating? At the least, it will mean;

  • Lost employee productivity (measured in days)
  • Inability to perform your key business function
     And the not as commonly mentioned, but still critical;

  • Loss of reputation

Introducing Azured DraaS

Azured makes surviving these events smoother than ever without the price tag associated with a fully redundant secondary site. With Azured DR as a Service (DRaaS) there is no need for a second, replicated and redundant site. There is no need to reserve compute capacity. Not even a need to manage the solution. All you need is an internet connection.

How does it work?

Leveraging Azure Site Recovery, Azured protects key workloads within your environment by replicating them at a near instantaneous rate to Azure blob storage. To the layperson, this means that you only pay for the compute resources if and when you deploy resources within Azure; otherwise your networks and assets remain dormant, awaiting your command to deploy.

In the event of an event…

With DRaaS, Azured’s Network Operations Centre monitors the health and status of your key services 24/7, awaiting your command to redeploy resources within Azure. Once activated, our DR engineers will work closely with your team to successfully resume services within Azure and get your key systems operational in less than 4 hours.

Our Service

24/7 Monitoring & Visibility
Azured supplies a real time view of your service health using our monitoring platform.
Specialist Control
Azured’s DR team will work closely with customers to fail their key assets into Azure and resume service in less than 4 hours after DRaaS activation.
The War Room
Azured performs yearly tests in accordance to our random war room scenarios into a sand pit (segregated) environment.
DR Plan Review
Azured performs yearly reviews of your tailored DR Plan to ensure it continues to reflect your business needs.
Management as a Service
Azured can supply a CIO to manage your DR event during and after. Azured provide an experienced resource to coordinate your team and the event in the instance your management team is incapacitated / stuck in public transport (DRaaS Premium).