Data Analytics & Power BI

Transform your data into actionable insights by unlocking the significant caches within your business

How can data analytics help my business?

Microsoft Cloud is revolutionising the way businesses operate thanks to its comprehensive service offerings across a variety of business facets, in particular, data analytics enablement. Transforming internal data into information that is meaningful, accessible, secure, easily managed and maintained is vital for any business looking to evolve and stay ahead.

Your internal data can be your best guide to discovering;

  • Market trends
  • Customer/ buyer behaviour
  • Sales & Marketing opportunities
  • Product/ Service innovation
  • Improved efficiencies/ process automation
  • Competitive advantages

The Internet of Things (IoT)

At a more advanced stage, analysis of large data volumes generated through connected devices, both demands and complements IoT utilisation. The pinnacle of efficiency and intelligence in the Cloud era, IoT offers functionality that businesses and consumers alike should be, if not already, striving towards.

Power BI – Microsoft’s leading data reporting platform

Providing a business-user interface and facilitating self-service Business Insights (BI), users can rapidly derive insights from data without having to understand database query languages. You will appreciate the ease by which Power BI makes the commonly complicated task of business analytics simple and engaging.

Features & Benefits

  • Microsoft has been a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms for 12 consecutive years
  • Consume and combine data from multiple data sources in the cloud and on-premises
  • Easy integration with Office 365 including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and any website
  • Includes data connectors for all the common database platforms as well as popular file types and SaaS products
  • Secure collaboration with users inside and outside your organisation
  • Interactive reporting can display further insight and detail into a specific statistic at a click
  • In addition to the many built-in visualizations, you can create custom visualizations or easily import from the rich selection in the Power BI marketplace

Cost Differentiators

At a simple, single-user level, it costs nothing to download Power BI Desktop and start designing your own reports. However, to share reports requires a Power BI Pro license for each user who needs to publish or consume the reports. Large organisations may benefit from a Power BI Premium license, eliminating per user licensing in favour of a capacity model.

Whilst Power BI is accessible and user-friendly at a simplistic level of functionality, large datasets may require integration with other Microsoft data platform services.

When looking to invest in your organisations most critical asset, several key factors should be considered to ensure the best outcome and optimisation of return –

Data Quality

It is not uncommon for organisations to underestimate the condition/ hygiene of their datasets. Ease of access, completeness and consistency are often the most time-consuming and complicated factors to address before data can be prepared to deliver the insights you need.

Ensuring Best Practice

We endeavour to not just deliver the functionality you require, but in a way that is informed by modern best practices; facilitating enhanced extensibility and durability and thereby, minimising administrative overhead.


Adherence to privacy policies and the overall security of your reports demand priority. One of the most challenging yet necessary requirements organisations face, data governance is often a highly involved and complicated initiative; one typically entrusted to the experts

Our approach to data analytics

Our data solutions are carefully tailored to instil high standards of governance whilst reflecting modern trends in design. As a result, our deliverables are less linear and more dynamic in nature.

Optimised to keep up with growing business needs, we favour the more mature PaaS and server-less products where possible, achieving faster deployment, easy scalability and reduced implementation & operational costs.

Mindful of the vast landscape of data platform services available through Microsoft’s Cloud, our specialists begin by helping your business orient itself to realise its potential in the Cloud data space. In scenarios whereby desired outcomes may be less specific, a data roadmap is utilised – detailing the state of your data environment with the proposed immediate steps necessary to achieve your overarching business ambitions.

Utilising an incremental approach to delivery, our experts prioritise delivering maximum value whilst minimising risk. The result is a platform configured for future growth, enabled to create and maintain the reports you need now, whilst unlocking the ability for prospect custom integrations and additions.

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