A new era of Managed Services in the Cloud brought to you by Azured, powered by Azure.

A new era of cloud provides a fresh and alternative means of delivering services and with it, a modern approach is required to manage workloads.

Introducing CloudRight; a shift away from the standard break-fix and update model to a complete solution capable of self-healing and delivering advanced service levels.

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Our Approach to Management

Encompassing a threefold approach to Managed Services within Azure, CloudRight offers businesses a fresh approach in the Cloud computing space that is proudly unique and unrivalled. Using three pillars of performance, visibility and control, CloudRight delivers the next generation of managed service that shifts the focus from reactive to proactive management; delivering ever-improving results whilst containing costs and driving predictability.



Performance focuses on system stability, availability and ongoing enhancements through increasing adoption of the Microsoft Cloud platform.

Be it IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, Azured works to drive the highest levels of system availability and performance. We do this by encouraging adoption of PaaS and SaaS whilst reconstructing an IaaS environment to more closely resemble PaaS; delivering greater levels of scalability, functionality and performance at a superior price. Thereby tuning your systems to be optimised for cost and performance whilst increasing uptime and system stability.

We form a view on the unique performance characteristics of each service within your environment which we use as a baseline that we improve upon. This data forms a key component of our constant and iterative reviews of your environment where we design a tailored Technical Roadmap for your application services; maximising application performance, decreasing cost and enhancing availability whilst plotting
an adoption timeframe for new technologies.



Control relates to cost management, security, governance, auditing and service management. As a powerful platform, Azure is capable of extending an organisation’s reach abroad in seconds and, conversely, with a mere few clicks entire services can be accidently deleted. CloudRight focusses on putting in place administrative measures to contain accidental deletions, unanticipated resource deployments and insecure access to your resources.Moreover, CloudRight enables customers to control the growth of their subscription in a sustainable and predictable fashion. Ensuring you only pay for what you use and providing a clear view of growth areas for precise budget forecasting, CloudRight leverages Azure’s dynamic platform for next-level cost efficiency.



Visibility (or Actionable intelligence), delivers measures to view the service health and availability of your managed platform. When customers swapped out traditional servers and storage stacks for cloud, they also gave up a great deal of visibility into how their environment operated. CloudRight aims to give you back this insight in an easy to consume and real-time manner.By contrast, more mature cloud adopters find themselves awash in a storm of data incapable of discerning fact from fiction with countless dashboards and services offering contrary views and opinions. Azured instead centralises and delivers this data to measure what matters to you within your environment. We craft a real-time view of only the most pertinent data regarding service levels, performance risks and critical alerts allowing our customers to direct their attention and resources in a focused fashion.

“We measure what matters to create actionable intelligence”

Combining the Azure Monitor and other 3rd party data sets with our Network Operations Centre (NOC) enables us to focus on the most critical system components whilst ensuring customers maintain their uptime. Through Power BI we deliver highlevel insights such as backup and site recovery status, AD health advisories, security advisories, service level performance and other related monitoring and reporting modules.

CloudRight & You

Utilising three core pillars of Performance, Visibility and Control underwritten by our ITIL based Service Delivery team, CloudRight delivers the highest levels of availability at the best price point whilst positioning your business for the future.

Like Azure, CloudRight offers a consumption based pricing model with different tiers of service to reflect the criticality of your workloads. Workloads differ in priority and so do we, with 9×5 or 24×7 and differing levels of management to best reflect the management needs of your applications.

Moreover, CloudRight offers you access to a gamete of experts within Azure. From Data specialists to Platform Engineers and Cloud Architects to Security Consultants, you can get the right level of expertise you need within your environment.

What you can expect from us

CloudRight ensures organisations are best positioned to leverage new services and applications currently available within Azure as well as future solutions in a fashion that makes sense to them.

We pride ourselves on delivering the information you need in a manner that is both effective and intuitive. We achieve this through our ongoing commitment to understand your business and building out our knowledgebase, thereby, ensuring our team is familiar with the intricacies of your environment. Our goal is to put the information you need to manage your business at your fingertips.

    Why choose us to manage your Azure services?

    Azured has grown to become one of the leading providers of Azure based Managed Services in Australia by leveraging the full breadth of toolsets available within Azure to deliver efficient and automated managed services.

    • Access to a gamete of specialists
    • We create products to make our customers lives easier
    • We’ve created a service model that leverages the best bits of ITIL
    • We focus on improving your bottom line
    • We’ve created a unit based commercial model, as flexible as Azure.

    How Azured can work for your Business

    We like to pride ourselves on our knowledge of transitioning and we always start our engagements by listening to our clients! Our ultimate aim is to discover the pain points in your existing enterprise environment. Many of our clients say to us ‘where do we start?’ as at times there may appear to be no obvious starting point to commence the Azure journey.

    Whilst delivering many successful projects for our client’s, experience has shown us that a good place to start is with Security and Identity Management. Understanding your security requirements is key as often the main impediments to public cloud adoption centre around security and network concerns.

    Once we understand the security requirements, we can work out how we manage the users, the administrators and ultimately provide secure, reliable, auditable and accountable access to your most valued systems. This is necessary as Azure provides new and greater levels of access and control to your systems, meaning it’s best to get this right from the very beginning.

    From here on in, experience suggests we work with your Network and Infrastructure teams to integrate and lockdown networks, after which we move on to synchronising identities and managing access controls. Often the simplest part of an Azure migration is the sizing and construction of the underlying virtual networks and machines with the complexity lying within the identity, security and network layers.

    Let’s bear in mind this could be for PoC and whilst you may not want many users to access the services, your valuable data, infrastructure and often IP can be hosted in the cloud. We don’t take any chances and as such have developed a level of automation and process that provides us with the ability to securely transition nearly all service from on-premise to Azure, either on IaaS, PaaS or even to SaaS. We have even gone so far as to developing applications that learn about and optimise your IaaS solutions; this is known as CloudRight.

    Ultimately, we help our customers get the most out of Cloud by leading them through the migration of their key applications and services to an optimal Azure service. This results in lower costs, enhanced management, and greater scalability for our clients through Azure adoption.


    Client Testimonials

    “Azured is our pre-eminent partner for Azure within Telstra Business. Whatever your Azure needs, I can confidently say that Azured have the in-depth knowledge to define and deliver the technical solutions you require of them.”

    Dale Kendall

    Regional General Manager Victoria, Telstra

    “Azured provided a solution that shifted Tigers from our existing, expensive IaaS environment to a more cost effective platform. This alone would have been enough however Azured also simplified collaboration across several continents and enabled a higher level of security for our information assets within our organization.”

    David Warlond

    Financial Controller, Tigers Realm Coal

    “Azured has provided solutions to many complex issues we faced in building out one of the largest IaaS subscriptions in Europe for one of the top 10 FTSE companies in the UK. Their knowledge of Networking, Automation, Security and more importantly – how the Cloud works differently has enabled us to dramatically reduce time and cost without compromising quality. Azured’s ability to work-in with Microsoft Partners, advising how best to assist customers transition to Azure has made a significant impact. They are experts for the experts!”

    CTO & Practice Director, Microsoft Partner (UK)

    Our Clients

    We enjoy what we do and seek to build relationships with like-minded clients that value technology and share our company ethos; care, respect and looking after our people. Azured clients include;