Tilling Timber

Apr 4, 2017 | Case Study

The problem

Tilling Timber was in the process of evaluating different ERP providers and initially engaged Azured to assist in assessing vendor supplied infrastructure hosting options. However in the process of working through these requirements, it was revealed by Tilling Timber they had experienced storage constraints within their environment. Whilst the client was pro-active in responding to these concerns, the problem seemingly saw no end to the ongoing game of purchasing additional infrastructure as capacity constraints were continually reached. Ultimately their response only proved costly in the short term and untenable in the long term. Furthermore, as part of the clients existing implementation, an annual anti-spam subscription was due to soon expire resulting in the need to find a solution that met their short term deadlines and enabled Tilling Timber to avoid renewing an unneeded subscription.

Considerations of the engagement included:

  • Storage capacity constraints
  • Absence of a strategic infrastructure deployment plan
  • Untargeted / uncontrolled infrastructure spend
  • Soon to expire anti-spam filter subscription
  • Changes required could not significantly impact the end-user

The solution

A solution was required that could be both implemented swiftly and in the certainty that it aligned with Tilling Timbers strategic goals. To this end, it was our recommendation to migrate Tilling Timber into Office 365 to leverage Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and Skype for Business. Details of the benefits of this solution included:

  • Elimination of storage limitations
  • More efficient cash flow management
  • Reduced burden on on-premises infrastructure
  • Significantly higher SLA
  • Seamless transition with zero impact to end user

How we got there

During our initial engagement with Tiling Timber, we instructed the Client to immediately halt any planned changes or purchases in line with their current approach until we had aligned their current and future operations. Together we worked through the commercials together, supplying the information required that would ultimately form the business case that would go before the board. A workshop was then conducted outlining steps over the next 18 months identifying; the current stage, what to expect during the transitional stage and determining the ideal outcome and position of the business. A personalised Cloud Road Map was designed for Tilling Timber to assist in determining each stage and played a valuable role in providing the transparency and assurance the client required during the process.

The first step in the process was to re-direct mail flow to the exchange prior to the expiry of the client’s anti-spam subscription (3 week deadline). From here we systematically implemented their migration in accordance with their personalised service enablement plan, working closely with members of Tilling Timber’s IT team to smooth the transition from an on-premises solution to a hosted offering. With structured communication we were able to swiftly handle any issues that emerged as part of the project, limiting the impact of any problems whilst proceeding swiftly to our project timeline.

“Azured provided us with a solution that was beyond the scope of the initial engagement and our expectations. It’s not often you come across a supplier who takes the time to understand your business – prioritising our needs whilst tailoring solutions and customer service to make the engagement all the more seamless and in-line with our operations.”

Andrew McQuie

IT Manager, Tilling Timber