Apr 7, 2017 | Case Study

The problem

iComm was approached to perform a consolidation of four sites and 120 users. Each client site had a different infrastructure configuration and they wanted iComm to assist consolidation within a single corporate entity. Their needs were similar; email, IM, intranet, authentication and file share access. The client assumed they would get more of the same but had expressed a quiet interest at a model that could lower ongoing management overhead as they were tired of paying premiums to managed services vendors.

The solution

Having identified and simplified the client’s needs spanned across email, instant messaging and collaboration, Azured architected a solution that would see the consolidation of services into a single Office 365 and Azure tenancy whilst pulling in data from four disparate sources. To meet the need for centralized access, Azure networking was leveraged to create a single point from which all users and sites could connect to a single file and authentication server from anywhere, anytime.

How we got there

Azured constructed a solution that empowered users to look after themselves through the intuitive self-service functionality offered within Office 365 whilst catering to the legacy components of their environment, that couldn’t be migrated to SaaS, through IaaS.

The end result? Lower management costs and anytime, anywhere access to a highly scalable and incredibly available platform.

“Azured provided us with a solution that was beyond the scope of the initial engagement and our expectations. It’s not often you come across a supplier who takes the time to understand your business – prioritising our needs whilst tailoring solutions and customer service to make the engagement all the more seamless and in-line with our operations.”

Andrew McQuie

IT Manager, Tilling Timber