Case Study – Azure migration – Kurrajong Waratah

Premium security and cost-efficiency for not-for-profit’s with Azure

Kurrajong Waratah

Kurrajong provides support, training and opportunities to people with disability and their families and carers.

Month and year of migration: August 2020

No. of employees: 750

Geographic location/s: Regional NSW

Workloads migrated: Palo Alto with Remote Access, Windows Server 2019 Domain Controllers, File Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Remote Desktop Services HA Farm, Disaster Recovery using ASR from Australia East to Australia South East.


Kurrajong Waratah are a local council in regional NSW. As an early adopter of Private Cloud, the business had successfully secured and enjoyed competitive pricing for their network and infrastructure hosting.

However, their contract was approaching renewal and it was looking to cost the business twice as much to continue with the same service on the existing platform. 

The Solution

Azured worked closely with Advanced Comms – Kurrajong’s Telephony provider and trusted Azured Partner, to better understand the customer’s needs and expectations. Leveraging the trusted relationship between Advanced Comms and Kurrajong, it wasn’t long before security, cost and management were identified as key priorities for the business.  

To meet Kurrajong’s security requirements, Azured implemented their internally developed Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) solution. A fully managed next-gen secure internet gateway residing in Azure, FWaaS successfully offered Kurrajong enterprise-grade security at an affordable SMB price-point. 

Azured also successfully migrated Kurrajong’s infrastructure and network into Azure, delivering a hybrid network wrapped up with Azured’s expert L3/L4 ongoing managed services. 

The Result

By migrating to Azure, Kurrajong Waratah were able to secure the same level of service for their network and infrastructure without the costly price tag.  

Utilising FWaaS by Azured and their team of dedicated Azure specialists, Kurrajong benefitted from an expertly scoped and planned migration, with Azured’s Managed Services to ensure the ongoing health of their environment in Cloud.  

“There was a threat of power outages due to extreme temperature in Melbourne today, long story short there isn’t enough power generation for air con in the event of a power outage to cool the IT equipment. Gladly we did not have to worry about our critical alarm reporting systems or customers as none of the service operates on premise any more. This got me thinking about your presentation at Telstra way back when and led me to realise that we are now living the dream!”Seriously, your guys are awesome and our product has never been so stable and easy to maintain. A real credit to how professional and knowledgeable they are. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for their efforts and look forward to future project with them on a global scale!”


Jason Hartley

Product Manager, Alarm Transmission Services, Inner Range Pty Ltd