Case Study – Network as a Service – Leap Australia

Network as a Service: Taking the leap of faith

Leap Australia

LEAP Australia is a leading engineering software provider in Australia and New Zealand, representing world leading technologies.


Azured were introduced to LEAP Australia to help solve a firewall issue. In resolving one network issue, they learned enough about the company to see that LEAP was struggling needlessly with indifferent but expensive network connectivity. 

The Solution

Our Network as a Service (NWaaS) SD-WAN solution presented LEAP with a low-risk way to move to a new, more powerful, and more predictable future.

Designed and built alongside their live operations gave LEAP’s 350 people the certainty that there would be no loss of service, but that when the big switchover came, performance would be greatly enhanced.

The whole network was built on VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, providing predictable traffic management and industrial strength security throughout.

The Result

Delivering the promise of Cloud for Networks, the transformation in performance was immediate and palpable whilst halving the annual cost of LEAP’s network connectivity and management.

In addition, one of the biggest issues for LEAP Australia was loss of control. NWaaS prides itself on taking back control from the hands of network providers. It was also through utilisation of the VeloCloud Orchestrator providing real-time monitoring and reporting on network performance, that LEAP receives unprecedented visibility and control over their traffic.

LEAP’s technical team also has a lot less to worry about, and a single point of contact at Azured to manage the supply of all its network services and connectivity.

“We used Azured to completely change our IT infrastructure, and couldn’t be more thrilled with the work they have performed.

I have never before been happy with any IT provider. Confusion and things not working as we planned, as well as general lack of caring are rife within IT and Telco companies. So to say I am happy with Azured is the understatement of the century. Everything worked – not only as planned, but on time, and it was so easy to deal with them it is unbelievable. Not only did they deliver what we asked in terms of functionality but suggested ways of doing it and then acted on it. To Daniel, Anthony, Ray and the Team I can’t say enough of a thank you. Great work. Great people.”

Greg Horner

Managing Director, Leap Australia