Case Study – Network as a Service – Manningham City Council

Manningham Council: Shaping the council of the future

Manningham City Council

Manningham is home to a diverse and multicultural community that brings a wealth of languages, music, food and cultural traditions to the region.


Manningham Council’s existing server and infrastructure had reached the end of its normal life span. It was time to make a strategic decision about whether to continue supporting hardware on premises or take the leap into next-generation technology and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). 

Due to the critical nature of council services, it had to be a seamless transition with minimal outages during business hours. For the organisation, it can feel like changing the engine on a moving truck or flying a plane as you build it.

The Solution

The solution for Manningham Council encompassed the full scope of IaaS for its storage and network along with a cloud-based firewall solution that replaced its traditional on-premises model.

Featuring Azured’s Network as a Service (NWaaS) offering; a comprehensive blend of cloud, market-leading firewall security and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technologies, Manningham quickly realised the benefits and value gained from a hybrid cloud environment.

Learn more about NWaaS by Azured here.

The Result

Within nine months, Manningham Council has completely shifted to next-generation technologies, which are now shaping the future of its operations.

If the council needs to scale up services, it doesn’t need to worry about space limits or hardware requirements. Previously, it would cost about $100,000 and take three months to scale IT; now this can be done in a matter of minutes.

The Azured solution lets Manningham Council focus more on new opportunities such as increasing security, growing investment in data loss prevention, and achieving even more visibility in the server environment to better manage the flow of data in and out of council.

“This is definitely a solution that can help many councils. We all provide similar services, so the lessons to be learned are equally applicable no matter the size of the council.”

“Overall, it was one of the best executed infrastructure projects that I’ve seen in 20 years, particularly considering the large scale and complexity of the IT involved. The Azured team was very responsive throughout this process.”

David Bellchambers

Manager Information Technology, Manningham City Council