Ensure a maximum return on investment whilst setting a firm foundation for the future.

Through adoption of the latest products & methodologies to enhance security, maximise functionality and improve cost-efficiencies, a business can comfortably maintain the pace of change that is Cloud. 


Azure is a vast and ever-evolving Cloud. With that fast-paced evolution comes a demand to ensure the platform remains ever-current. Failing to do so often results in an organisation falling victim to spiralling costs, security vulnerabilities or ineffective practices – counteracting the very promise of Cloud.

It is our business to remain at the forefront of all things Azure. Our experts keep up to date with the latest product updates and methodologies utilised to ensure an application thrives within Azure.

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Azure Optimisation Assmnt

  • Opportunities for improved cost-efficiency
  • Future-state diagram for Azure adoption
  • High-level future-state description
  • High-level timeline and costs
  • High-level risks and responsibilities matrix

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Azured’s review of our global Azure environment was a clear testament to their expertise.

We realised immediate cost savings and knew we were in capable hands, working alongside a team with an exceptional knowledge of Cloud and dedication to delivering value.

Matt Weight

Group Head of Technology Operations, Axicorp