Harnessing tax benefits to realise M365 nice-to-haves

The Australian government recently introduced a new tax scheme, which lets eligible businesses deduct $120 for every $100 they spend on services that support their digital capability[1]. This presents an ideal opportunity for small businesses to help finance non-budgeted initiatives.

For many business leaders, non-budgeted initiatives are thought of as the nice-to-haves. Nice-to-haves may vary in cost but are often left non-budgeted simply because they were deemed not business-critical. However, nice-to-have initiatives can still hold significant value and benefit to a business.

Why start with M365?

Whether it’s a large initiative that didn’t make the cut due to commercial pressures or a simpler project, the variety of products within M365 makes it is easy to find improvements for any budget.

With M365 often residing at the centre of many businesses, the solution plugs into a variety of high-level objectives –

  • simplify management
  • improve employee productivity
  • enhance security
  • build efficiency.

Don’t know where to start with M365?

Conducting an in-depth analysis of your organisation’s Microsoft 365 deployment can be an effective way to identify how your business could truly harness the power of the solution. It will help your business to:

  • discover your key drivers and identify the current state of your Microsoft 365 environment
  • understand your current technological landscape and help to identify potential opportunities to consolidate costs and reduce risks through more optimised use of Microsoft 365
  • review your business’s optimal path for further Microsoft 365 adoption and identify the steps that must be taken to achieve it.

Click here to read more about how Azured’s M365 Optimisation Assessment could help your business.

Why Azured for M365?

Azured has helped many businesses analyse their use of Microsoft 365 in accordance with their unique requirements and best practice. This ensures any investment in Microsoft 365 works smarter and harder to better position a business for the future.

Azured’s experienced deep domain experts work with Microsoft products including Intune, Azure Active Directory (AAD), Teams, and Sentinel, which means businesses can have every confidence when implementing a variety of projects.

To book an obligation-free discovery session, contact the team today.

[1] https://www.liberal.org.au/latest-news/2022/03/29/budget-speech-2022-

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