Minimise risk while expediting digital transformation in Azure

The Australian government has introduced a new tax scheme that incentivises digital transformation for small businesses. The scheme means eligible businesses have just received a 20 per cent increase in their digital transformation budget. These businesses can deduct $120 for every $100 they spend on services that support their digital capability.1

For the majority of Australian businesses, this will include initiatives such as –

  • Application modernisation
  • Business Process Automation
  • Piloting SD-WAN or Sentinel
  • Infrastructure refresh
  • Smaller projects
    • Security/ identity works
    • Migration assessments
    • Audits

Minimise risk, maximise ROI

Even if businesses have benefited from the government’s additional tax rebates, no organisation wants to waste funds on failed technology investments. Failures can happen for a number of reasons which can include a lack of internal capacity, experience or working with the wrong partner to complete transformation projects. To avoid this, organisations should look to partner with experienced providers who can demonstrate a deep level of expertise within their technology stack.

When looking for a partner, a key part of the selection criteria should include whether they have a playbook specific to the transformation initiative. A playbook not only clearly demonstrates the partner’s experience and expertise but the right partner with the right playbook can help reduce stress and risk, delivering a cost-effective and seamless transformation that delivers a strong ROI.  

We wrote the (play)book 

With a team of specialists across Microsoft Cloud, Azured has carefully created playbooks for each of the initiatives outlined above, helping businesses implement digital transformation projects with ease. 

Azured’s playbooks have been specifically designed to suit a variety of different business stages and goals. As a born-in-the-cloud business, our experts keep up to date with the latest product updates and methodologies to ensure an environment thrives within Microsoft Azure; after all, it is our business to remain at the forefront of all things Azure.  

For more information on how you can expedite your digital transformation roadmap and increase your ROI in Azure, contact the team today and book an obligation-free discovery session with our team of deep-domain experts. 


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