Application Development

Transform and modernise your business with Microsoft Azure.

Application Modernisation Assessment

Have an existing application you’re looking to modernise? Explore the potential of a business application in Azure with our application modernisation assessment.

Redefining Application Development

Whether an organisation is looking to automate a business process, update an existing application or develop a new one, Microsoft Cloud is making Application Development easier than ever before.

A question of ‘when’…

The most compelling scenarios prompting a business to consider moving a core application into Cloud are-

  1. Existing infrastructure and/or operating systems are reaching end-of-life
  2. Costs associated with running and supporting existing infrastructure and operating systems are higher than cloud

Other common factors that drive the need to migrate applications include:

  • Ability to scale easily
  • Reduce running costs
  • Reduce administration effort
  • High availability requirements

Application Development with Azure

Microsoft’s Cloud enables you to do more with less, whilst positioning you for the future using the platform of the future. 

Scalability & Cost Efficiency

Rapidly and easily respond to changing workloads with auto-scaling of application resources. Microsoft Azure also enjoys a reputation for offering the most competitive rates when compared to on-premise and other leading Cloud providers.

Availability & Stability

One of the highest available Clouds, Azure delivers up to 99.99% uptime ensuring your most business-critical apps are available when you or your customers need them.

Reduced Support

Eliminate the need to support operating systems and the underlying infrastructure when using PaaS and Server-less services. 

There are several ways in which applications can be hosted in Azure, ranging from a straight-forward virtual machine, to containers, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and “Server-less”. 


The Cloud makes it possible to decouple the various components of your application and scale them independently; reducing operational costs and ensuring your applications performance can keep up with demand.

Azure offers one of the fastest disks in the Cloud today with Azure ultra-disks delivering up to 160,000 IOPS.  It’s performance like this that made it the Cloud of choice for the service arm of Coca-Cola’s bottlers.


Host containerized versions of your application to reduce compute costs, allow portability and ensure consistent configuration of the application and its dependencies.

Easy Integration

Microsoft Azure provides a range of services which facilitate reliable and secure communications between independent systems, whether they be on-premises or in the Cloud.

Expand and enrich your solution with integrations for Azure AD, Office365 and popular products from many other vendors.

Rapid Development & Delivery

Utilise PowerApps for rapid development and delivery of data-driven, form-based applications on mobile and desktop devices.

Leverage Pre-Built Services

Utilise Azure services from within your application such as Azure’s Cognitive Services; a library of AI functions which perform image and speech recognition, text analysis, etc.

Our approach

Our team work alongside customer organisations to develop tailored solutions, meeting both commercial and technological requirements.

Leveraging a modified AGILE methodology, we focus initially on developing an in-depth understanding in the design phase. This approach ensures that all parties share the same understanding of the requirements, incorporating solution functionality and timelines.

We then establish fixed deliverables along the course of the project, tying function development to business aligned timelines. By identifying and adhering to a sequenced path, our team enables the rapid development and deployment of software whilst minimising the occurrence of specification drift.

“There was a threat of power outages due to extreme temperature in Melbourne today, long story short there isn’t enough power generation for air con in the event of a power outage to cool the IT equipment. Gladly we did not have to worry about our critical alarm reporting systems or customers as none of the service operates on premise any more. This got me thinking about your presentation at Telstra way back when and led me to realise that we are now living the dream!

“Seriously, your guys are awesome and our product has never been so stable and easy to maintain. A real credit to how professional and knowledgeable they are. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for their efforts and look forward to future project with them on a global scale!”

Jason Hartley

Product Manager, Inner Range

Modern application design & development

Each new application build leverages Microsoft’s identity platform alongside a range of services with pre-built functions like those included in Cognitive Services. We capture these inclusions by developing a wireframe; defining the form and function of your proposed application and then provide you with a mock-up; visualising application functionality and the user interface.

Redevelopment of an existing application adds to the process an initial review of current functionality. A primary goal to capture the good whilst addressing the bad, this allows us to retain the working parts whilst identifying opportunities for greater functionality, management and support for future integrations.

    Business process automation

    Our Microsoft Cloud experts will work with you to make sure we understand all aspects of your business process; its inputs, outputs and decision points as well as the context in which it operates. From there, we assess the feasibility of orchestrating the process(es) in Azure; identifying automation opportunities and demonstrating the capabilities of the Azure and Office 365 platforms.

    The virtues of the Microsoft Cloud combined with our incremental delivery approach means that we can focus first on delivering core functionality and then progressively inject additional intelligence and features as required.

    System integration

    Whilst Azure makes system integration easier than ever, it still demands precision. Be it hosting your own web-based API on Azure, leveraging Azure services to make your existing APIs more secure or reliably integrating independent systems using the various Azure event and messaging technologies, let our Azure specialists show you how Azure can create additional value and facilitate secure and durable interactions between independent systems.

      Application migration

      With a number of alternatives to host your application in Azure, our specialists will help determine the best available options for your application and once appointed, carefully prepare and undertake the migration for you.