Explore the potential of a nominated business application in Azure.


Modernising a core business application in Cloud is often perceived to be a complex and high-risk engagement for most businesses.

However, having successfully migrated and developed critical applications for a variety of organisations, Azured’s team of specialists have curated a process to empower organisations make more informed choices when it comes to their core applications.

Taking the guesswork out of Application Development in Cloud, Azured’s Application Modernisation Assessment provides a clear view of the benefits, risks and first steps for a business looking to re-imagine their application within Azure.

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App Modernisation Assmnt

  • 1 x Application modernisation plan for a single application
    • Future state diagram / Conceptual Design
    • High-level future state description
  • High-level timeline and costs
  • High-level risks and responsibilities matrix

Our team of experts will guide you through a carefully tailored process…

“There was a threat of power outages due to extreme temperature in Melbourne today, long story short there isn’t enough power generation for air con in the event of a power outage to cool the IT equipment. Gladly we did not have to worry about our critical alarm reporting systems or customers as none of the service operates on premise any more. This got me thinking about your presentation at Telstra way back when and led me to realise that we are now living the dream!

“Seriously, your guys are awesome and our product has never been so stable and easy to maintain. A real credit to how professional and knowledgeable they are. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for their efforts and look forward to future project with them on a global scale!”

Jason Hartley

Product Manager, Inner Range