Our vision is to combine expertise, passion, & technology to solve business challenges.

What makes us get out of bed

At Azured, we are dedicated to achieving success for our customers and using premium and innovative technology to do it.

But it’s not about the skills alone. An Azured team member comes with a particular attitude. We’re not, and never will be a faceless entity offering a routine customer experience.

All of our staff share common traits that make them invaluable to the Azured family. Our staff are passionate, personable and inventive. Our clients are receptive to new ideas and a different way of thinking. And together, we do great things.




What we are proud of

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Our Partners

Meet The Leadership Team

Anthony Koochew


‘IT and technology nerd at heart.’

Martin Ferguson


‘The Cloud Magician.’

Ray Brindley


‘Ray-I (think AI).’

Rebecca Bastiaensz


Daniel Dennett


Meet the people you need to know

Daniel Koochew


‘Ex-army, earnest and dedicated’

Phil Lee


‘Seamless operator, measures twice, cuts once.’

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Awards & Recognition

Telstra Enterprise Partner Awards 2023 WINNER

Microsoft Partner of the Year

Telstra Enterprise Partner Awards 2021 Finalist

Microsoft Partner of the Year

Telstra Enterprise Partner Awards 2022 WINNER

Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Partner of the Year

Telstra Partner Awards 2020 Finalist

Telstra Enterprise Innovation Award

Telstra Enterprise Partner Awards 2022 Finalist

Cloud Partner of the Year

Azure Advanced Specialisation

Since 2021

Telstra Enterprise Partner Awards 2021 WINNER

Cloud Partner of the Year

Certified Gold Microsoft Partner

Since 2017

What our Customer say

Greg Horner, Leap Australia

“We used Azured to completely change our IT infrastructure and couldn’t be more thrilled with he work they have performed. I have never before been happy with any IT provider. Confusion and things not working as we planned, as well as general lack of caring are rife within IT companies. So to say I am happy with Azured is the understatement of the century. Everything worked – not only as planned, but on time, and it was so easy to deal with them it is unbelievable. Not only did they deliver what we asked in terms of functionality but suggested ways of doing it and then acted on it.”

Vincent Macheda, AAT

“The Azured teams’ approach to strategic planning ensured the seamless delivery of a complex and critical business platform. With their extensive experience and strong communications plans, we were always confident we’d achieve the best outcomes for our business.“
The scalability and reliability that came with Azure, combined with the seamless nature of transition of services, Public Cloud has fast become the bedrock of AAT’s IT environment

Jason Hartley, Inner Range

“In summer there are sometimes threats of power outages due to extreme temperature. There wouldn’t be enough power generation to run the aircon needed to cool the IT equipment. Gladly we did not have to worry about our critical alarm reporting systems or customers as none of the service operates on premise any more. Our product has never been so stable and easy to maintain. A real credit to how professional and knowledgeable the team at Azured are. We look forward to future projects with them on a global scale!”