About Azured

We are determined to help your business work smarter, not harder through strategic implementation and management of Microsoft cloud services.

Our Team

We offer our clients over 60 years combined experience in the IT Industry.

Anthony Koochew

Anthony Koochew

CEO & Founder

Anthony is an Architect with over 10 years experience helping clients realise the most value from Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and EMS.


Martin Ferguson

Martin Ferguson

Founder & Azure Architect

Martin has over 20 years experience in Telecommunications and Information Technology. He is a Solution Architect specializing in Cloud Architecture.


Ray Brindley

Ray Brindley

Principal Consultant

An Engineer with over 10 years experience designing and deploying Microsoft projects, Ray has helped clients implement many different Microsoft solutions including Azure, Office 365, EMS, Skype for Business, Exchange and Active Directory.


Daniel Koochew

Daniel Koochew

Client Executive

Daniel works as a Client Executive for Azured, prioritising client relationships and customer service as clients plan their move to the cloud.


Simon Henman

Simon Henman

Senior Azure Consultant

Simon is a Senior Consultant specialising in Azure. With a solid background in IaaS, PaaS, and Software Defined Networking Technologies, he is passionate about designing and deploying the perfect solution for his clients.


Why We Choose to work with the Microsoft Cloud

In a world where “software defined” is increasingly becoming the status quo, cloud is progressively becoming the only answer to “where should I host my data?”. With years of iteration and maturity growing from its humble beginnings inside hosted data centre offerings, cloud is fast becoming a commodity service. Contrasted with where the market was merely 5 years ago, the industry has experienced a significant uptake in cloud consumption with the trend only showing signs of continued increase. In short, cloud is here- in every business with no signs of slowing down.

For Azured’s founders, with our Microsoft pedigree, the decision was clear; Azure is Microsoft’s future. The future of the first trillion dollar company to ever be listed. A company with origins that stretch back decades encompassing billions of staff, millions of organisations and global brand recognition. It is that recognition and presence, combined with an ever increasing list of Azure services, that convinced us to be an Azure focussed company; if only to keep up with one of the fastest growing clouds on the planet.

How Azured can work for your Business

We like to pride ourselves on our knowledge of transitioning and we always start our engagements by listening to our clients! Our ultimate aim is to discover the pain points in your existing enterprise environment. Many of our clients say to us ‘where do we start?’ as at times there may appear to be no obvious starting point to commence the Azure journey.

Whilst delivering many successful projects for our client’s, experience has shown us that a good place to start is with Security and Identity Management. Understanding your security requirements is key as often the main impediments to public cloud adoption centre around security and network concerns.

Once we understand the security requirements, we can work out how we manage the users, the administrators and ultimately provide secure, reliable, auditable and accountable access to your most valued systems. This is necessary as Azure provides new and greater levels of access and control to your systems, meaning it’s best to get this right from the very beginning.

From here on in, experience suggests we work with your Network and Infrastructure teams to integrate and lockdown networks, after which we move on to synchronising identities and managing access controls. Often the simplest part of an Azure migration is the sizing and construction of the underlying virtual networks and machines with the complexity lying within the identity, security and network layers.

Let’s bear in mind this could be for PoC and whilst you may not want many users to access the services, your valuable data, infrastructure and often IP can be hosted in the cloud. We don’t take any chances and as such have developed a level of automation and process that provides us with the ability to securely transition nearly all service from on-premise to Azure, either on IaaS, PaaS or even to SaaS. We have even gone so far as to developing applications that learn about and optimise your IaaS solutions; this is known as CloudRight.

Ultimately, we help our customers get the most out of Cloud by leading them through the migration of their key applications and services to an optimal Azure service. This results in lower costs, enhanced management, and greater scalability for our clients through Azure adoption.

Client Testimonials

“Azured is our pre-eminent partner for Azure within Telstra Business. Whatever your Azure needs, I can confidently say that Azured have the in-depth knowledge to define and deliver the technical solutions you require of them.”

Dale Kendall

Regional General Manager Victoria, Telstra

“Azured provided a solution that shifted Tigers from our existing, expensive IaaS environment to a more cost effective platform. This alone would have been enough however Azured also simplified collaboration across several continents and enabled a higher level of security for our information assets within our organization.”

David Warlond

Financial Controller, Tigers Realm Coal

“Azured has provided solutions to many complex issues we faced in building out one of the largest IaaS subscriptions in Europe for one of the top 10 FTSE companies in the UK. Their knowledge of Networking, Automation, Security and more importantly – how the Cloud works differently has enabled us to dramatically reduce time and cost without compromising quality. Azured’s ability to work-in with Microsoft Partners, advising how best to assist customers transition to Azure has made a significant impact. They are experts for the experts!”

CTO & Practice Director, Microsoft Partner (UK)

Our Clients

We enjoy what we do and seek to build relationships with like-minded clients that value technology and share our company ethos; care, respect and looking after our people. Azured clients include;