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Taking the time to understand a business from a commercial and technological perspective, our experts work to unlock the promise of Cloud in a manner that is scalable, secure, repeatable and commercially responsible.


From initial implementation to comprehensive end-to-end deployment and ongoing management, at Azured, you can rest assured.

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Cloud is a journey, not a destination…

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Network as a Service (NWaaS)

The promise of Cloud, for networks.

NWaaS is a software defined blend of Cloud, network, and security technologies, standing apart with its very best of breed makings.

Combining market leading firewall and SD-WAN technologies, NWaaS is designed for organisations wanting to get the most out of a hybrid cloud environment.

Azure Migration

For businesses on the brink of a software and hardware refresh, looking to increase capacity, or simply want to transform into the modern age of cloud, Azure provides the perfect platform to facilitate the needs of all growing organisations.

Our dedicated experts will unvail the full breadth of what’s possible in Microsoft’s Cloud – providing businesses with a carefully planned approach leveraging Azure’s many benefits, including; a familiar Microsoft experience, 99.9% availability, TCO savings of up to 78% and limitless capacity, scalability & mobility.

Microsoft 365 Migration

For organisations already consuming Office 365, migrating to M365 is a natural evolution. A simple means of extending management and security controls across a hybrid environment of devices, servers and cloud services, M365 offers a wholistic approach to deliver greater value, smarter management, seamless collaboration and enhanced security.

However, not all organisations are equally positioned to utilise the full benefit of M365 from the get-go. As such, our team of specialists approach each migration uniquely; prioritising immediate needs and unlocking the most valuable features first to drive down cost and maximise investment.

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

The first of its kind, FWaaS offers businesses Enterprise-grade protection at an SMB price point.

Utilising world renowned Palo Alto Networks technology, FWaaS is a next-generation secure internet gateway through Azure. Capable of servicing a broad range of businesses regardless of size or requirements and without compromising on availability, FWaaS is a prominent choice for businesses in early stages of their cloud journey.

Data Analytics

The cloud and data analytics were made for each other. The era of cloud makes it easier and more affordable than ever before to produce new insights and opportunities from an organisation’s information assets, wherever they might reside, in a way that is secure and meaningful. Rapid deployment, seamless scalability and an array of data analytics products & services, including Power BI, make a compelling case for leveraging Microsoft cloud to bring data to life.

Our Microsoft specialisation combined with our agile approach transforms data; putting it to work to provide the insights businesses of all kinds need to get ahead and stay ahead.

Application Development

Bring applications and services to life whilst preparing for business growth with Azure.

Whether it’s the modernisation of an existing application or the deployment of an entirely new service (such as a web, database or IoT platform), Azure offers access to a variety of enterprise grade technology from across the globe.

Our team of highly skilled developers employ an AGILE styled iterative development model to build, deploy and manage applications – enabling organisations to make the future, now.

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