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Azured offers businesses a fresh approach in the Cloud computing space that is proudly unique and unrivalled. As Microsoft Azure specialists with the combined knowledge and experience of Azured’s founders and employees, the service Azured offers the industry is testimony to the accuracy of a clearly identified need;

An organisation that is “cloud” only with the depth and breadth of experience transitioning businesses from on-premise services to Microsoft Cloud services.

What is Azured?

Understanding Azure

Discover what it can do for your business.

Microsoft Azure is often solely perceived as an IaaS platform. However, to view it as such, grossly undervalues its ability to act as a powerful and cost saving solution for your business.

Azure has reinvented the way technology is accessed and provisioned. Positioned as a tool for developers first and infrastructure providers second, the product encompasses over 64 IaaS and PaaS offerings within the Microsoft Cloud. Therefore to harness its full potential requires a fresh approach to constructing and delivering your applications.



Software as a Service is the new gold standard for delivering applications to an end user. Provided on a pay-per-use basis, SaaS leverages both IaaS and PaaS to give you the same software as some of the biggest players in the world, at a fraction of the price. The ever-increasing lineup of available services include Exchange and SharePoint through to business intelligence and cyber security.



Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the new hosting alternative, enabling your business to run it’s software more efficiently than traditional web hosting. Streamlining the way you access, maintain and manage digital resources, Azure allows you to shift the focus back on development of products and services. This means faster launches to market, increased opportunities and cost savings.



Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) supplants traditional on-premise or hosted infrastructure stacks. IaaS offers multiple advantages including decreased management and rapid scalability, delivering greater cost efficiency. By combining local major data centres with the power of Microsoft Cloud, Azure’s IaaS offerings ensure your workloads are available 99.95%+ of the time.

Azure and Azured

How Azured eases the transition to Azure.

At Azured, we take the time to understand your business from a commercial and technological perspective. This allows us to develop a customised cloud adoption strategy that delivers the most value for your business.

Through an in-depth assessment of your environment, coupled with our industry experience, we will define a plan to move you across to Azure in a manner that is scalable, secure, repeatable and commercially responsible.

From initial implementation to comprehensive end-to-end deployment and ongoing management, at Azured, you can rest assured.

Our Services


As the next evolution of the cloud platform, Azure offers the simplest path for hybrid adoption using IaaS, PaaS or SaaS and offers the best platform to build the new product or service your business needs. Our experts approach each build with specialised knowledge and experience, resulting in projects that deliver not just what you want but what you need.


The Azured team is here to streamline your transition to Azure. With an ever-growing list of PaaS and SaaS offerings, you can begin to realise the value of Azure immediately. Guided by PRINCE 2 fundamentals and our own IP, your move to Azure is easier and faster than ever. Avoid the common pitfalls, get the most value out of your cloud investment and start unlocking exponential levels of uptime scalability, performance and functionality.


At Azured, we recognise that mastery of the technical is only one part of a successful managed service. Our solution experts will ensure your services are maintained as promised, delivering a balance of control, flexibility and visibility our clients have come to expect. Enjoy access to our in-house developed Azure right sizing platform, CloudRight – giving clients enhanced performance and reduced spend within Azure.

Our Clients

We seek to build relationships with like-minded clients that value technology and share our company ethos; care, respect and looking after our people.

"Azured provided us with a solution that was beyond the scope of the initial engagement and our expectations. It's not often you come across a supplier who takes the time to understand your business – prioritising our needs whilst tailoring solutions and customer service to make the engagement all the more seamless and in-line with our operations."

Andrew McQuie

ERP Manager, Tilling Timber

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